where THIS administration is going? workers unions will have be _quite careful_ *how* they strike.

Odd thing : I was… 9 years old when that happened.
I remember it vaguely.

Growing up I always had a negative feeling towards Unions that were too big seeing them as some kind of organized crime. [then again, I’m from NJ where some of the Unions _were_ linked to organized crime]

Yet, I never simultaneously felt that one should “trust big business”.

Now? I don’t see either as bad, just a check and balance situation where sometimes one gets more federal protection than the other…. and where THIS administration is going? workers unions will have be _quite careful_ *how* they strike.


Don’t say it *too* many times or that’s _all_ you’ll get :P

[I’ve worked to get and keep a diverse feed and it’s worked. I switch how I word my opinions around and will like and comment on posts from different political opinions. I always remain true to myself but I like fiddling with FB’s AI.


Sentient AI’s are a _very_ imperfect science. [I did some basic Sentiment AI 15+ years ago using Microsoft Excel and a CD-ROM full of customer responses to sentiment surveys and I don’t see much improvement from what I hacked together on my own than what the nifty neural networks are doing now… so it’s easy to jiggle the state machine still]


Yup. I love being on the user side of neural networks. For me it’s a game to figure out how to convince this machine to believe certain things about me that I may or may not believe in real life.

In the end, it’s a bunch of fuzzy checkboxes.


“The devil is in the details”.
Remember what regulations are for. They’re for consumer protections. That’s not always what they’re used for but that’s what they’re supposed to be for, at least in the USA.

They are to prevent overstepping of business or government.

I *should* like this idea. The reason I’m skeptical is because it’s too “open”. A bad regulation or a good regulation can be removed with no guarantee that it’s being replaced by a good regulation.

Other countries have similar measure to cut down on regulations but they include the necessary clauses to ensure we don’t lose consumer protections.




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