“Where have all the heroes gone?”

“Where have all the heroes gone?”

(a cool person is what we would have, at one time, called a “hero”)

I’ve spent a lot of years wondering when I would find “my people”. I know my people are out there, but w…here? I wondered.

Then I started looking at people, really looking. And I started to see that the existential loneliness exists in all places with all groups with all individuals. People who do things alike find a kind of comradery. Women comparing makeup. Guys into the same football team. People going to the same church / listen to the same band / like the same movies.

Yet they are themselves just reaching out for some kind of “together” feeling. And damn, it’s hard to find. You get it in fits and spurts, bits and pieces. It usually involves some kind of “social lubricant” like alcohol, drugs, religion, music, hobbies.

So what are the cool people? They’re people you “get” and are know just a little bit more than you and can teach you a thing or two. A mentor and a friend. They’re a lot like you. Or they’re somebody you can teach. Or they’re at your same level. THey get your jokes, you get theirs. A friend.

And where are they? Probably sitting at home and going about their lives wondering where the cool people are too.

The more specific it is, the more likely you can find it on the internet. But IRL? You have to like common things so you can go to the common places to find the common people. It’s there. You just have to lower your expectations a tad and you’ll be okay.

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