Where do pictures in your head

^Where do pictures in your head come from?

"'the incarnation of a 2 1/2D sketch in neurons is called a topographically organized cortical map: a patch of cortex in which each neuron responds to contours in one part of the visual field, and in which neighboring neurons respond to neighboring parts. The primate brain has at least fifteen of these maps, and in a very real sense, they are pictures in the head."….

….talk about testing on monkey's to prove the theory (sorry)….

…"one can literally develop the monkey's brain as if it were a piece of film."

It's a "wow" for sure. This means that, at some point, if you can picture somethiing in your head, someone with the right equipment could actually take that image from your head, read it on a sophisticated MRI and out would come that picture that's in your head. Absolutely mindblowing and we'll see it in our lifetime. Creepy but cool.^

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