Where did Java steal their ideas from? So: Here is JAVA’s daddy: The USCD P-System.

In my #TimeTravel experiments, I started (finally) installing an Eclipse (and Netbeans – can’t decide), along with all the prerequisites – all because I was curious about a particular 3D library which does everything but feed me supper.
Then I was like, “Ok.  What’s all this crap I’m downloading?  Oh yeah.  More than I’ll use”.

So, I went back in time.  I thought: “Ok.  Java’s a virtual machine.  There’s lots of virtual machines.  What else is out there?  Where did JAVA steal their ideas from?”

Of course there’s whole machine emulators like VMware (I like VMware) and VirtualBox (which I have but haven’t needed to use yet) – but I was looking for JAVA’s daddy.

So: Here is JAVA’s daddy:  The USCD P-System.

And here’s how to get it to work on your futuristic computerification device.  I fumbled my way around and created a virtual volume with a few blocks, then got bored and wanted to share  and so I made this post.


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