When you’re out of high school and starting to feel old.

Someone asked, “I’m terrified that I peaked in high school.”

You didn’t. You’re going through (I think, ’cause it’s what I went through): Comparing yourself today to who you were in high school.

You’re not around the same people. Same opportunities aren’t there. You remember the person who were but you’re not that person now and you can’t be, because the person you were depended a lot on the people around you and the roles you played in that environment.

Now your environment changed. “Who am I?”

One thing that ended up helping (eventually) when I started to feel “old” [the feeling would come and go] was the day it clicked in that:

“Yes, I am old for a 14 year old.”

I was looking in the mirror and comparing myself to an impossible thing – an image of myself that wasn’t real and is probably 1/4 memory, 3/4 imagined.

It was a weight off the shoulders. Took a while to get there though and lots of “feeling old” times. This was during my late teens/early 20s.

Can’t say the process is true for everybody. In fact, I can’t say if it’s true for ANYBODY else.

I just know what i went through. Maybe it’ll help, maybe not. But I share either way.

I’m better than I was in high school. Had awesome times then of course, but I’m 80x the man I was then and getting better every day smile emoticon

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