^When your role is completed,
And you^

^When your role is completed,
And you are no longer needed,
The best you can do is sit back and know
That your contributions were not wasted,
But that they have been incorporated
Into the lives and workings and even hearts and minds of many people
Who may never remember or know your name,
Even if your name is scratched from the history books,
And your picture is taken down from the Corporate Wall,
Never to be seen again.
Yet you still live, anonymous but more important than anyone will ever know.
For even if no one speaks your name again,
Or looks you in the eye,
You can smile and be happy.
For your have not only made a difference,
You have made an infinite amount of differences.
And as hard as it may be at times for the heart to bear,
the truest benefactor is anonymous
and remains

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