When you think of your “me”; when you ask yourself “Who am I?” different ideas come up.

When you think of your “me”; when you ask yourself “Who am I?” different ideas come up.

Are you the roles you play for other people? Friend? Enemy? Son? Lover? Student?

Are you the face you see in the mirror? What if that face got disfigured? Would you still be you or somebody else?

Where is the “Real You”?

It’s hard for most of us to destroy pictures of ourselves, unless we are embarrassed by them. But why should we be embarrassed about how we *appear* to others?

You can _act_ like a fool and even *look* like a fool without _being_ a fool.

People who judge you by your appearance or behavior don’t deserve to know the real you that’s deeper.

So, for me to get better in touch with the “deeper me”, I am working on NOT judging myself on my own appearance or behavior by letting it go. How I look and how I act is not who I am.

This little project was my little way to remind myself of who I’m NOT.





I was going “all natural”. I let Spritecraft decide where the TNT and flammable wool was. Also saved me time I just made my picture into a schematic, imported it, started recording. Whole thing was 1/2 hour from idea to youtube. Too lazy to do setups tbh


aw hell naw, I suck at pixel art… and building… and parkour… and survival.. and pretty much everything. But I ran a good server and I’m good at piecing tools together that keep me from having to do things by hand.



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