When you play a game on the

When you play a game on the computer, this is the basic graph of how it works. BUT, as I was looking at this, I realized that this is ALSO a basic model of human communication – so it is not just USER/COMPUTER interface, it is ALSO a graph of HUMAN/HUMAN interface.

PS – you can also switch the ”Look and listen/User Input” box with the ”Talk/Move/or not/Output” box. It depends how you see yourself. Imagine yourself as a brain in a box going through this process and you’ll see it then.

I expect most won’t see it or care much to try – but to those that can ”see” what I see, let me know. -Ken šŸ™‚ (and please – correct me if I’m wrong. In this diagraph, your feedback would be the, well ”Feedback loop” on the right. – My brain is waiting at the ”Your Senses are user-input” part. It seems crazy but if you see it, I hope you go, ”Oh wow – yeah – that makes sense”. šŸ™‚ -Ken

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