when the performer of a sea shanty says something to me, i felt the need for something to say back

I find something enjoyable in any music I hear and Sea Chanties are no exception to my rule 🙂   Alas, I’ve never had the call to the sea, and get rather claustrophobic on boats.  That being said, they harken to a deeper time of stories and legend , often forgotten in the world of today and yet… appeal to a comradery we all long for in our depths.

My brother, being 12 years older, used take young Kenny to an Irish Pub in my hometown – and it was, indeed, full of Irish old men.  My brother, 23, and me at 11, sipping on a soda, around old white haired men who would drunkenly break into Irish song – many of which a Sea Shanty (and occasionally put on a show on the tiniest little stage you ever did see; not a stage at all but merely the opposite side of the bar, which was small and crowded).

I’ve also had luck to go to Ireland once in my life for a wedding, and we travelled from West to East and back again about 15 years ago, and I got to witness some Irish folk music while dancing in Dublin, although they were more the tales of broken hearts.

Alas, the ancient Irish pub is no more, having burned down long ago.  But there’s always a soft spot in my heart for the old men who sang the songs of the sea in an old New Jersey bar, carrying on a tradition and an appreciation to the younger me, who has carried it through to this very day at age 42 and hopefully beyond.

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