When something weighs heavily on your

^When something weighs heavily on your mind and heart, these things may help: 1) Think of something impossible to comprehend. a Big Thing. For some this is God, for some this is Life, It may be contemplating a Universe on your fingernail, or thinking about what would the 4th dimension really look like, or comprehending the Weather 2) Overwhelming Awe and amazement at something impossibly large or small or complex or simple 3) Gratitude to God, fate, happenstance, electricity, Life, gamma rays, DNA … whatever the Big Thing is to you. In short: CONTEMPLATION OF SOMETHING WAY MORE VAST THAN YOU. ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE AMAZED AND IN AWE. BE GRATEFUL TO IT/HIM/HER/THEM. REALLY GRATEFUL. This will take you out of your body, out of yourself and put your problems, no matter what they are into a proper perspective.^

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