When people *think* they’re merely being ironic, they’re actually being sarcastic. Good use of irony is rare.

I tend to lump irony and sarcasm together because of usage: When people *think* they’re merely being ironic, they’re actually being sarcastic. Good use of irony is rare.

But dry wit (also in the family of sarcastic things I _suppose_), to me, seems distinctive enough from both irony and sarcasm to get its own category.

This is my own internal “sorting mechanism” and may or may not reflect a shared reality by anyone else tongue emoticon


I don’t let my emotional states be ruled by other ppls intentions. Defensive move and it works well smile emoticon


Same. I’ve been called out on it a couple of times in my life, and it’s always a shocker to me. I accept it now and I become more aware when I’m using it as a rhetorical device to convince someone of something.

Its effectiveness depends on the individual you’re conversing with but as a regular participant in online debates – for not particular reason except something to do really – I make use of it sometimes.

But like – it can be an asshole move, so I try to use it sparingly.


You really should consider listening to what JS is saying, MC. It’s not that you’re wrong because what you say *does* make sense but…

[that is an example of passive aggressive in writing].


Are they responsible for being passive aggressive? Well, whether their intent was conscious or habitual, we can never REALLY know that.

However, we -can- be made aware of our own intentions and actions. So in that, I believe (that softens potential passive aggressiveness – the “I believe” tongue emoticon ) – that MCs correct about responsibility: It lies solely in your own realm as we cannot control another person’s actions.

That being said: If you *want* to call out somebody on their passive aggression, you -can-. But to make them “pay for it”… as in “make them responsible for their words”… well… depends on whether you’re up for the battle or not. like emoticon


[it’s hard to express difference of opinion or preference _without_ some aspect of passive aggressive coercion. In that way, I sometimes like when people are really “naked” about their opinions: dramatic, full of hyperbole and fire and using STRONG words.

But, it’s hardly civilized. tongue emoticon



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