When I was in college, I drew up plans for a giant natural wind instrument. Basically, a dented hollow copper ball with holes in it tilted like flute mouths. Depending on which way the wind blows, the structure would play chords and melodies that were compatible within the keys. From one direction, a semi random happy song. The winds change, and a minor key. Yet the minor and major would be compatible (easy enough to do) so even oddly pointed wind could cause beautiful chords and melodies. I never did it. Still have the plans in my head. I know how it would work mathematically and physically and I have some idea how it would sound. Someday. Maybe someone’s already done it. If so, I’ll take a link if anybody’s got it. Meanwhile this guy? Definitely the kind of thing I’d do in a heartbeat.

Fascinating via http://ift.tt/29xhvAF

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