When I was close to becoming a Roman Catholic priest

I had a data entry job at a catholic university around the time of the oj Simpson trial. Sat at noon services with the priests. Seemed like nice guys. Figured I could do what they did.

Being in a helper role, you can perform it anywhere you go, whatever the context. There’s humans – they need help somehow. While I was there, considering becoming Roman Catholic and straight to priest or monk (glad I didn’t but I could’ve done it), I talked to a lot of ‘em. The priests, the academics, read the whole Catechism as it was in.. 1995 I guess. Big thick book. Nice Q&A format. Reminded me of the FAQ from Usenet that I was already familiar with.

Started a mailing list called MINISTRY – got a bunch of ministers and priests and religious leaders of all faiths together. Talked things over with them, let them talk amongst themselves. It got pretty big – a few thousand members.

Participated in AOL chat rooms too on the subject.

Still a few things didn’t ‘jive’ with me very well. I could’ve ignored them and done it anyway, but there were things that just “got in the way” a little bit that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

One lunchtime, I went through the yellow pages trying to find a religious group I HADN’T looked at, as I was trying to get “As Authentic” as I could get, and there was this Orthodox thing.

Called one up, immediately felt more comfortable. Married priests, did house blessings, traditional without ‘feeling’ old or conservative – had all the ancient qualities I’d expected to see in the RCC but didn’t really find.

So, it was a fun ride.

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