When I want to understand someone’s point of view, I want to be made of neutrinos for a moment

True. I use mental tricks. I call everybody friend. In the friendship category, I assign no procreation status or capabilities. I allow for shut doors, allowing life’s processes to remain a secret situation.

 So, universal friendship was my answer to it and it works. It’s a trick, yes, but it helps.

When I want to understand someone’s point of view, I want to be made of neutrinos for a moment and unseeingly/unfeelingly fill myself next to every quark in their being and ride their brain waves, comprehend their nervous system, feel their feelings, see what they see, comprehend entirely THEM _as_ THEM and experience it without losing myself in the process.

But I have to express myself in words or actions and participate in the back-and-forth process. So limiting. But such as it is.

I believe I understand. I read a long book (well, heard a long books-on-tape [which was really Audible.com as it existed in 2000 on my Palm Pilot clone, the marvelous Handspring Visor) on Emotional Intelligence. I believe at some point, I realized that I am “thin walled”. Empathic. My boundaries of self->other->self are hazy and unclear or what he called “thin”. Some people have very thick boundaries. I’m quite ok with that but I have to learn little tricks to keep identity intact. Are they fact? I dunno. But pragmatist as always, they work well enough.

Oh, abstracting. yes, that was my main point. Pulling yourself OUT OF yourself and placing it into a mirror image that faces you is a completely reasonable solution. I like your robots + aliens.

For me, I see myself as alien, who makes attempts to appear human as best I can. Same basic concept though – helpful in preservation of identity without full absorption.


and thank you yet again; you drew something out of me (assisted in greatly – I don’t wish to assign impetus so drastically as conversation is the connection itself with the parties involved simultaneously, even if the conversation is spread out across time a little) that I forgot was there. I don’t think I’ve mentioned my neutrino thing before elsewhere; a new one to add to my database of collected thoughts.

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