When I spot an “is”, a “watch closely here” flag pops up.

Well, you’ve invested a lot of sincere consideration to it and I respect that. I apologize for any words that might have seemed offensive or at least incorrect.

Much of the qualities you ascribe to atheism I would equally ascribe to agnosticism or skepticism. Yet even with skepticism, I am sometimes skeptical of skepticism itself and allow myself, very slowly, gingerly and carefully, to accept a few things without further skepticism, although even there, the self-skepticism always remains somewhere deep down.

It might just boil down to having similar but slightly different simple truths.

My simple truth is, “Keep my bullshit detector armed and ready at all times and aim most of its power at myself and a little bit out there as well”.

The nature of bullshit? Shows up in a lot of places. I hear it in myself. I hear it in others. I look for it. I look for the quality or lack of quality of metaphors used.

Another place I look for is words like, “is”.

“is” is a very strong word.

I’m careful when I use it, or try to be.

When I spot an “is”, a “watch closely here” flag pops up.

Truth, hyperbole, ideals and practicalities all mix together freely and I try to sort them our carefully, both in my own thinking and in others as well.

Yet, I don’t know if my way is better.

Maybe your way is.

Maybe there’s a monk on Mt Athos that’s got the right methodology.

I just go with a large set of working assumptions, always subject to change.

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