When I consider “humans considering”,

My main focus is cognitive and I sometimes forget my bias.

When I consider “humans considering”, I see various systems as taking place mentally. There are chains of logic, changes in perspective of self vs other vs whole… and the whole subjective experience of comprehending one’s relationship to everything surrounding oneself via whatever means; study, contemplation, the words and ideas of others, acceptance of authority of systems, whether one is using mathematics as proof or one is using axioms/proofs or one is using rhetoric or semantics – … it can be quite a thrill ride.

I consider a lot of what humans do and believe as various levels of bullshit, yet not unredeemable. I see lots of bullshit in theology as I do in quantum physics, ESPECIALLY when concepts are floating SOLELY on a purely mathematical base.

[mathematics, like logic, _can_ be utilized to prove any darn thing, as can many other “convincing” systems.

Of course one of the most commonly utilized, “You’re stupid if you believe that because then you’re talking like the stupid group over there talks” – appeal to emotion /shame – is one of the more common convincing factors used in trying to convince people “against” competing concepts…

..but I’m not looking for competition Competition is childish and boring.

Rather, I’m looking for diplomacy. Civility. Intelligence. It’s here on the Internet; I’ve found it. it exists.

I’m sure there’s some here too.

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