When I AM a specialist… I scare myself… getting obsessed yet loving the ride…

Then again, there are a few things I’ve become a specialist in, but my Obsession Level goes to 11 when I do.  I become a total Snake eating its Tail when I do.  I scare myself when it’s all over… “Was that… ‘me’ that had to watch EVERY episode of Stargate SG-1? Become a Russian Orthodox monk for 3 weeks and read the entire Philokalia and scientifically analyze the psychological benefit of prayer schedules for optimum psychological health and learn Russian to plunge the depths of Christiandom?   [I could’ve gone Greek but I liked the “Russian soul”/dark sense of humor better]… or create an entire reporting system in Excel when I was just hired for data entry?

Yeah.. I lose myself when I become a specialist.   it’s not bragging.. its frightening – especially for the people around me… when I talk non-stop about whatever it is I’m obsessed with for a few years at the time.

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