WHEN DO THEORIES BECOME FACT? They don’t. http://ift.tt/1Z0sRS7… Theories never become fact. They only become so well accepted that they don’t need to be constantly questioned. A “fact” doesn’t really have a useful meaning in science. A theory, in science, is a way of explaining and predicting observations. A theory is still a theory even if it’s wrong, it’s simply an wrong theory. Newton’s theory of gravitation (F = GMM/r^2) is a wrong theory. However for large objects moving less than about 1/10th the speed of light, this theory correctly predicts the observations you can make (within error, of course). So if I want to tell you what the gravity is 50000 km above the earth, I can use this theory to make a prediction which will be correct. Other theories can correctly predict the effect of gravity at relativistic speeds, but they are still theories, which still could be wrong. Also, it should be noted that there are “laws” in science, like the gas laws, but “law” is used only because it was first called that in the 1600’s or so. Properly they would be called theories.

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