When did time start? -DM

When did time start? -DM

Depends. For each of us, it started the moment we have memories.

Time also starts every morning we wake up.

Some say time began at the start of the Big Bang. Some say time began the moment God said, “Let there be light”.

Both have a concept of some eternal “something” beforehand that was timeless, whether it be universal laws of mathematics or God – take your pick.

Some say Time is eternal. There was never a beginning or end but cycles or perhaps one united “whole”.

If one wants to speak of “before Time”, then all that’s left is the Platonic realm or something similar to it: a perfected ‘place’ of changeless forms and perfections.

Many religious people put Gods and heavens there. Astrophysicists put Math there.
When we speak of “ideas”, we put “ideas” there, especially nouns with no tangible connection to reality such as “Love” or “Hope” and such, as opposed to active verbs with subjects (and perhaps objects) like “Loving” or “hoping”.

So, there ya go. Top of head. Good question.

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