when death doesn’t matter what power has the jackhammer but a temporary discomfort?

when death doesn’t matter what power has the jackhammer but a temporary discomfort?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjjBqHT71W8

yup. I don’t buy the “death’s sweet embrace” stuff for a second. I’ll fight ’til the last heartbeat.

in the end, i’d rather be here than nowhere. I was once nowhere, I’ll be nowhere once again


i don’t fear death. Not crazy about the idea of unimaginable suffering but i guess if I’m imagining it it’s not unimaginable…

lol not me though. I’ve been purposely *not* watching tv shows and movies for years figuring that SOMEDAY i’ll be bedridden and want some form of non-stop entertainment. There will be thousands of hours of unwatched entertainment racked up and by then (hopefully) – anything-at-all on demand will be perfected.


I could stand the level of coma-with-awareness-and-a-slight-itch-i-cant-scratch-on-my-left-foot level.


i’d first go through every episode of doctor who from start to finish. I’ve seen them all (I think) but it’d be worth a rewatch.
From there, follow the idea and every time travel movie – first the ones I’ve missed, then the ones I’ve seen. Who knows from there but that’d be my start.


i started it when i was 8. 44 now, so I’m a lifer. really, the only science fiction i like connects *somehow* to doctor who in my mind in some way. Not just time travel but other aspects of the show.

the good thing is: I can connect *almost* any sci-fi as being possible in the doctor who universe.



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