whats your God? You’ve got one, everybody does, even if it has a different name.

Well, probability can be an overrated thing. There’s experiential knowledge too, which is a numberless thing.

My mid 20s, I was heavily into religious questing. Raised Methodist, which didn’t really have a Devil concept per se, more psychology than anything, and a “do good things / be good” way about it. I’m glad for it. Thought the place needed more candles.

Did the Buddhist, Unitarian, Quaker, Anglican, among many others, almost became a Catholic priest, then ended up finding Eastern Orthodox in the yellow pages and checked it out. Converted. Stayed at a monastery for few weeks. Learned much, even came up with a retirement plan. Moved to Florida, studied science in my spare time for about 10 of those years, getting all quantum-mystified and holographic-nature-of-reality stuff until I saw the religiousity in *that* and now, well, in a process of synthesis I suppose.

The experiential nature of mystical awareness (man that sounds stupid and new age-y but I need coffee) is missing from probability, objectivism, numbers, etc. It’s the trouble of categorization: How do you categorize when there is only one and no other for contrast/comparison?

So, yeah. Still staying open on the question. I also have a very analogical view of God; it’s a word. It has analogous forms in areas that don’t seem related to religion but are. Anything that’s has a deep ? and a bunch of people going “ooh and ahh” over it, well, there ya go. That’s their God.

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