What’s your devil?

What’s your Devil?
I remember using little stick figure minions.  When a teacher would be particularly wicked, I’d doodle the teacher’s head with dozens of tiny little stick figures inside whispering all sorts of things at once, and the ones reminding her of all the bad things the bad kids did that year were louder than the ones that named the good kids and all the good things they did. (like me – I was a “good kid” – who sometimes did bad things too :P )

And then the voice bubble comes out of her mouth, usually written in jagged print.  If I had red pencil/pen there’d be dripping blood added for extra effect.

Helped me make the teacher not a bad person, just influenced by bad ideas, giving her a bad attitude.

Never was much for Satan though.  Found it hard to believe anybody was really in charge of that stuff, but they really didn’t have a Devil in the Methodist church I went to.

I only had two Devil’s  that came close:

One was Tim Curry’s Devil from Legend and the other was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpaRouocBes the Mysterious Stranger from Mark Twain, both from around the same time.

Oh, and the Nothing from The Neverending Story.

My ultimate Devil though?  Time Bandits. He was trying to steal the Time Portal map from God from the Dwarfs, who also stole it from God.  Post-modern humor at its best.

Lucky 9 year old Kenny got to see it in the movie theater.  That Devil beat Darth Vader, who had been my Devil from age 6-9 but even then seemed a little wooden to me.

I never could understand my Catholic friends when they’d talk about Satan.  :–P

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