what’s the “me”? What is validation of self? It may surprise you where you find it.

What constitutes “me”?

Example: I’ve always been good with money. Credit, etc. Past year? While successful in our business, my personal finances went to poop. (I keep the spheres entirely separate as I run a business and also a home)

I let all personal credit cards run up simultaneously in a big grand, “bye-bye credit” which I expect will take a few years to settle again.

Now I find when I go to the store, as the last bits of credit are used, on the final credit card with the tiniest bit of room left, I feel a surprising sense of validation when it still says “Accepted”.

So, I have attachment to my self-worth that requires Credit or rather a sense of , “I am somebody who manages the credit game well”.

My worldview isn’t changing, but I’m finding out what’s “beneath” the self-image that, until recently, I didn’t realize included credit validation.

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