What’s salient? What exists inbetween the gaps

What’s salient? What exists inbetween the gaps


“What Is the Duration of a Percept?”

Indeed. For me, it’s about 4s + 1s on either side for rising/falling/amplifying/attenuation.

Notice yourself as you forget. It’s frightening at first, or was for me. But I was timing it and it was consistent.

Is Space-time continuous or discrete, (or both) ?

Like a pump. Triode. Movement never ends but signals are amplified by being energized (heated), moving, then unable to go “backwards”, pushing back against the grid propelling it further forward.

Can’t go backwards because time goes forward. Time is caused by synchronization which comes from entanglement, the state of 1/2 of the entangled pair having changed is the barrier (like the grid in a triod).

Or, I’m just making this up as I go. But it’s sort of how I see the “going forward, amplifying” working. Not everything amplifies but since stuff doesn’t just whisk out of existence at entanglement scale or above, something keeps forces forcing


You Ask the Right Question.
Inspired me an answer. I don’t have it fleshed out but it’s sort of the line of thinking I seem to be on



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