What’s on the ‘net should stay on the ‘net..

Some thing should definitely stay on the Internet.  Some things always escape though.

Worst thing is when they show up in a popular song, or worse:

They show up on a TV News Report… complete with a smarmy newscaster’s sarcastic voice.

Remember those idiot/wicked girls that tried to blame their crimes on Creepypasta?


Yeah.  Pissed me off.  Sarcastic news reporters COMPLETELY botched it, as they always do, sending parents + grandparents, aunts and uncles into frenzies, invading their kids computers, phones and tablets for “signs of Creepypasta” in their children.

Yeah.  “Signs of Creepypasta”.  Like it was a disease.

Idiots.  It’s different of course than what you’re talking about –  but same idea.  What’s on the ‘net should stay on the ‘net..

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