What’s on page 45 of your nearest book?

There’s this book I want to read. It’s about Drakon, a visual programming language born of the Russian Space program [end of soviet union and currently] – it’s a unique thing, barely known outside of Russia – and even within Russia, only known to those who use it, but it’s getting more popularity slowly.

Anyway, I had to translate this book in order to read it and since I hate reading books, I made my computer speak Russian for me (and English) and I’m currently lining up the pages and stitching them together.

So this is on page 45 of the nearest book. [I spent *ALL NIGHT last night* running batch files I wrote – I got all 520 pgs translated + in spoken files.. and making my computer (Win7 64bit) speak Russian was _not easy_… 64-bit makes old tools worthless] – lining up pages is the hardest part compared to the rest.

Anyway, here you go. Enjoy.

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