What’s missing from my perspective? How am I being thick headed right now?

Aw, no need to feel defeated though. I have no problem with atheism – I just couldn’t adopt it myself.

I mean, if you find atheism a sane, logical choice, by all means. I wouldn’t say that declaring myself agnostic was sane or logical… it’s just generally more accurate for me. But I wouldn’t say it’s right for anybody else. i don’t know what the objectively correct answer is for everybody. I’m just trying to find what i can stand by. It’s a pain in the ass too. I only found a few things I could stand by. Agnostic. Embodied cognition. Metaphors-as-basis-for-understanding, the importance of creativity. Getting along with fellow humans is more important than being winning a battle. Stuff like that. But not a whole lot. I figured by now I’d have a lot more answers that I could stand by honestly. But I suppose i can be happy for where I’m at so far.

The journey of understanding one’s own perspective in the world is likely a lifetime endeavor for people who are curious and questioning and for me personally, I find it a lot of fun. I love being wrong now for I learn how to be right better next time.

Well, I prefer to be right but rather, I embrace being wrong not as a bad thing at all but an awesome thing. What did they see that I didn’t see? What’s missing from my perspective? How am I being thick headed right now?

Every day I get an opportunity to screw up and fix. I love it. That’s something I could recommend.

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