What’s in common is generalizations related to communication ability.

“What’s in common is generalizations related to communication ability.”

James Gray if i see symbols as generalizations of phenomenon that are spread out in time and space and with different functions relative to their contextual usage but if taken out of their contexts form a general … axiom of that note or symbol — i mean i know they are notes ajs symbols which is the ..

… thing ness — what is that called – its a plural grouping but using a single term lacking sufficient clarify to be as useful as the detail. i think of it as the “thinging” of the item. classes. i think?

because you can have many classes for something. no no – its type – typing. not classes. typing. type of note. type of symbol.

ok thank you james! damn thing was staring me in the face again and i couldn’t see it.

cool. with that maybe i can figure out what each of these 5 types of “communications generalizations” they are.

shouldn’t be hard now.

i had been thinking of them as sideways shifting / substitution issues and couldnt figure out where to go.

but it’s a hierarchical substitution.

typing vs classing


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