What would I like to do with my degree after graduation?

Thank you Bethany!

What would I like to do with my degree after graduation? Oddly, I don’t know. One thing that has propelled me to taking 3 (Fall) then 5 (Spring) now 2  (Summer) classes plus CLEPs) is that I believe in the “idea of” an AA as a “This is what most people should know as basic education”. The idea of it being a useful destination instead of senior in high school is intriguing.

So, here is a chance for me to “just do it”. If I believe it’s valuable, I should do it myself.

“Get the AA. Time’s going to pass either way, so why not finish what you started.”

and then? I don’t know. I didn’t expect to be here at this time with two classes left. Do I continue to a bachelor’s? I _could_. I _might_. My interests were always up in the “need a PhD to have a career in” area, which I can’t fathom attaining. For “jobs”, technical capabilties in computers and basic business /paperwork sense always got me by. “Throw me in front of a computer and I’ll figure it out”. CompSci is too nitty gritty; I’m a perpetual intermediate.

Big fish in the small ponds.

Which lake would I be willing to be tossed into? What lake would I toss myself into? Career tests always put me as a “middle school special ed teacher”, priest/minister/ counsellor/ coach but I always end up behind a computer.

So, who knows? I admire those with clear goals. I could never answer “Where will you be in 5 years?” – I’m glad to be writing this response right now. When I hit “Reply”, I’ll look on my to-do list for what’s next. If the to-do list is blank then I’ll just have to fill it again. Thank you for asking! Wish I could have given a normal answer. 

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