What was I doing at 21? Advertising my BBS online

What was I doing at 21? Advertising my BBS online
It was 100% anonymous… long before #Anonymous

The world’s FASTEST login procedure! Dec 17, 1993

Organization: Mordor International BBS

Are you located far away from New Jersey?

Please call Free Speech at (000) 000-0000.  You won’t have to fill in a questionaire.  You won’t have to wade through bulletins.  You won’t have to go through levels of menus.  I don’t even ask you for a name or a password.

You simply login, write, logoff.

That simple.

Sysop of Free Speech – (999)999-9999  100% Anonymous BBS

P.S. – I have been calling Canada’s Free Speech Board
<< SASSy V at (000) 000-0000 >>  for a little while now.  The procedure for USING a Free Speech board is SO STREAMLINED that I can login read/write, and logoff in LESS THAT A MINUTE, and still have a satisfying “Pen-Pal-like” experience!  (this is at 2400bps)
Please, especially if you are far away, call (000) 000-0000
and don’t worry about the cost.  It’ll be cheap, no matter WHO is your long-distance carrier!
* Origin: 1St Choice BBS, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. (1:167/124.0)

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