What uncomfortable actions are you avoiding right now?


What uncomfortable actions are you avoiding right now?
One exercise I do to assist in turning self-help into actionable items, I started doing in 2013 while doing a self-help project that would probably sound odd:
“What am I avoiding,
Right now?”
I would write down everything that came out of my head. Then I would ask it to myself again. And repeat until it hit upon the sensation of extreme discomfort where I clearly hit a wall that didn’t want to go any further.
At that point, I turn everything in that list into actionable items; a to-do list. Something I can do to achieve each of those things being actively avoided.
All of them are in the “avoiding doing them” zone and need doing. And once you’ve doing the “avoided tasks” and likely still have some left, return to the exercise and try to cross into the really uncomfortable zone. “What am I avoiding, right now?”
Since this exercise engages the uncomfortable parts and NOT the feel good parts and turns them into actions, they are steps in self-improvement.

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