what to do when ppl are cruel – advice i gave in yahoo answers

Some people, for whatever their reason, like to kick a man when he’s down. They feel safe around you and free to abuse because you won’t fight back. And if you do fight back, they fight back more. It’s a competition of hurting the other person. If you don’t have verbal abuse down pat, don’t try to beat them at their game because they’re just too well practiced. But do learn some snappy sarcastic remarks and be ready for them to say, “What a btch!” or “How stuck up!” or “You’ve changed!”. Let them. Call them on their remarks as soon as they say them but again, don’t try to beat them. You can say some overdramatic remark like, “We’re done here” or “Well, in light of that”, as you look them in the eyes, “now I know what has to be done.” shake your head and walk away.s

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