what paths can I take that will retain or improve the system’s functioning as it stands without placing undue pressure on me (more than I can handle)

I can “feel” social pressure very quickly. I was always very sensitive to it and I would avoid it. I do things because I *choose* to but I weigh out more than my own wants.

I’ve always been a kind of ‘systems thinker’. The lunch room in school: 3rd grade, I’d see the chaos around me and I could see how it could be arranged more effectively, how the lunch lines should go, how the teachers were ALL doing it wrong and how the students were bouncing around like superballs in a rubber room.

I see systems-of-people everywhere I go. People movements, patterns, whatever.

My own part in the process has less to do with obligation or want and more to do with “what paths can I take that will retain or improve the system’s functioning as it stands without placing undue pressure on me (more than I can handle)”?

The words I’m CHOOSING are a system, as are the feelings and thoughts that I’m choosing to place here.

So, that’s why verbage like wants and obligations are a little strange to me. It’s more like levers and pulleys to me and my part is working towards a smoothly running machine and what I do is what I sense needs to be done/said to achieve that.


Oh they can tell me to find a better system all they like. This is an internal system of balance. They can have their own systems.

yeah, anytime somebody tries to mess with my systems it’s annoying. In times like those, I learn to play along just enough to fulfill the needs of their system unless I can incorporate their system into my system properly, which means their system would have to ALREADY be compatible with mine.

If it isn’t, well, they’ll just get me going through the motions and I’ll get lazier and slower and less efficient and less effective until they find somebody else.

But most of the time, I can manage my part in other people’s systems as well, as long as they don’t have me on a particular time schedule. My system takes priority. They may never see my system and they may even believe that I’m a completely within their system, but I never am. Never have been.


I’d put up cones around the tree and hope nobody checks the legality of the cones.

Hopefully once they do, because those systems and processes are very slow, there’s a good chance that I’ll have caught the coon by then, removed the setup. Then if there’s a fine I’ll pay it but meanwhile I will have accomplished my goal.


I wasn’t even thinking about safety either – I guess it’s just a happenstance. Here was my thought process:

By placing the cones around the tree, I have temporarily converted public property into PRIVATE PROPERTY – in short _my_ property.

Since the cone area was now my property, my rights to that property would have to be respected by the public and they will have to go around it.

Interesting way to look at it, at that point it was all propose and no obligation


Indeed, although it does fulfill one important obligation: communication.

I’m communicating to the public. That’s an obligation. But I’m doing it in a minimal and localized way.

A more legitimate communication with the public would be to contact local authorities (who are representatives of the public) to get approval of my operation.

But then, that would stand in the way of my purpose which has time limitations that they cannot accomadate.

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