What makes a good game?

What makes a good game?

Games are stories that you become a part of.

Text-Adventure is the great-grandaddy of them all; instead of W A S D you could type N S E W (for north south east west) or type left right up down – whatever. Instead of clicking on a block to break it, you might type ”Break grass block”. You read what’s happening around you instead of seeing it and imagine it in your mind.

The technology and ease of use has gone a long way since the days of green screen; and I’ve seen no better tool for creating games complete with inventories, NPCs, artificial intelligence, multiple outcomes, than #inform – a tool that helps you write games.

Even if you don’t publish your game using a text game engine, you *can* use it to easily prototype your ENTIRE game – and have a playable version of your game; all simply by writing.

I highly suggest anybody who wants to create #videogames to look into this – at least watch this screencast. There’s a lot behind games that we don’t normally think about; and new game designers often find themselves facing the *exact* same issues faced by game designers in the early computer days.

They’ve been solved – and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Just go back to the beginning to ”WHAT MAKES A GOOD GAME” – and once you have a working prototype that’s text based, *then* you can choose a different language, and add the graphics, sound in whatever platform you want to use for game creation.

I’m going to try this myself. I don’t know why it took me so long to go back to the roots; I knew the answer all along and was looking right past it.

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