What Kind of Furry are you? Dragon

What Kind of Furry are you?


You are a Dragon.
Dragons are very mysterious creatures, to be simple. But Dragons are anything but simple! They are most likely the nerds of the class room, and typically tend to sit at the back. Dragons are good friends, readily able to give advice and guidance. They tend to be go-with-the-flow type people. Despite their quiet and wise aura, they do make a good buddy to go out with. They use mind over heart, though, so they might refrain from going to a bar or fight. Dragons hate getting into fights, and if a fight does accur, they use their wisdom and knowledge to get out of it. Making friends with Dragons is different with everyone. If you are as smart and quiet, you two can become readily friends. But if you are someone to trying to just get in their pants, you have little to no chance of getting close to them. Dating Dragons can be a colorful road. If a Dragon takes interest in you, they will come to you. Be an idiot, they will stay far away. Yet, if you are an idiot, and they have interest in you, they will try to straighten you out first before anything happens. Being sexual with a Dragon takes a lot of time and love, because usually they tend to be more romantic-centered than sexual.

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