What is Wise? What is Wisdom? There’s many views and here’s my opinions.

Depends who you ask. There’s worldly wisdom, of which high IQ and shrewdness and cleverness are considered wisdom. In their own circles, they are considered wise men. Economists, Logicians, Criminal Masterminds, Politicians, are some that come to mind.

Holy men are often considered wise because they touch on deep truths with only a few words. Brevity and compactness of truth seem to be wisdom.

A similar phenomenon is found in mathematics, where an “elegant formula” is considered wisdom. In science, wisdom is a theory that changes the way science views itself or views the world it studies, often – with brevity.

But sometimes Wisdom is not brevity. Sometimes Wisdom is complications along with the novelty. Examples: DaVinci, Newton, Whitehead.

Sometimes it is clarity: Emerson, Thoreau, Dewey, Benjamin Franklin.

But all in all, generally wisdom and being “quotable” seem to go hand-in-hand.

Not sure beyond that though. What is the ineffable quality of “wise”? I don’t know.

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