What is Time? by Kenneth Udut

What is Time? by Kenneth Udut 3/3/16

Measure between events.

Counting system.
Handy for scientists and people too.
Gets wonky in the hands of authors, our memories, the way we speak of events (could have, might do).
Has several philosophical theories about it.
Expanding block view of Time is one accepted by most of the mathematical sciences.
But they’re not everything to everybody.
Time is subjective as well. [relativistic time touches on this, but it’s trapped in the block view]
Time can be fictional. We can tell stories about the past or future that never happened.
Time can be eternally present. Meditation / oneness experiences touch on this. [the experience of time]
Time can slow down in a measurable way (physics) or in a less measurable way (subjectively).
Some dismiss time as irrelevant while strangely their bodies go to bed thanks to internal clock mechanisms.
Time is critical to music: in there, time gets very complex.
In music, time is the “gaps”.
It can be “up/down” of beats. Time is the spaces between the frequencies as they rise and fall of the notes. Time is the rhythm, which can skip around go faster and slower or even stop but the gap remains.
Humans are time travelers. We travel forward in time physically yet within our own timelines, we travel freely from the past to the future (real or fictional, it’s still time travel of a kind) using our memories and imaginations.
People can time travel together by sharing memories.
Movies make us time travel and can additionally subjectively REMOVE US from Time itself as we mentally and emotionally join with the movie and “lose ourselves” in it. Very powerful stuff.
and.. that’s what I got off the top of my head.

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