*What is the point of relig

*What is the point of religion?*

Here was my answer:

depends on the individuals practicing the religion. Just as there is a law on the books for lawyers to use to justify almost anything in court, each religion has its loopholes that cultish factions use to justify their criminal behavior. BUT – if used properly, it helps ease troubled minds – it was psychology before we had a name for it. It was ”community” even without have a geographical home (look at the Moses and the jews in the desert) . It was a system of law and punishment in the days before police. It changes a person’s perspective so they WANT to be good. iT CAN ELIM8INATE HOPELESSNESS. BUT – not everybody needs it. Or wants it. And that’s fine. I tend to edge towards science, philosophy, psychology. I suspect we probably cease to exist when we die – YET its possible (if we are indeed in an infinite universe – that it doesn’t stop at the furthest we can see (because light is too slow) ) that our mental patterns are repeated in a nebula somewhere (quantumly entangled) – and our consciousness continues. As wacked out as that sound, its enough for me to think, ”Just maybe our ”selves” continue” – and if they do, it explains the need to ”be at peace” internally. For imagine you have an itch – the itch of greed, the itch of anger, or even a physical itch – craving for a scratch. Now, you can reach out your hand and scratch. but what if (like people with phantom limbs who feel an itch on a foot that’s no longer there) – the itch continues after you have no body? That would definite HELL to me. At peace with yourself? HEAVEN.

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