What is philosophy?

It’s a good temporary cure for boredom. Entertainment. Maybe gets you out of boredom. Something to pass the time until we die. A form of entertainment. It’s social and generally non-violent. A non-violent sport with lots of talking.

But my answer was beaten by:

Juan Ramos That in all situations you’re always finding something to learn from.

  • Kenneth Udut Juan Ramos I’m switching to your answer. I like yours better.
  • Kenneth Udut Lazluma Maponya Ignore my answer – I’ll keep mine there for historical reasons; use Juan’s answer. Yeah, I’m always wanting to learn something new wherever I find myself and I enjoy thinking.
  • Lazluma Maponya @kenneth.historical reasons lol.your answer is unique nd right just like juansPhilosophy can give a person a headache. I avoided philosophy for most of my life. I looked at religions and sciences for years first until I finally decided to look at philosophy.

    I think it helps you learn to think about things that most people don’t think about. Is it good? I think learning some philosophy is good. I think it is good to understand what you already believe but you never thought about it before.

    I thought it was boring for a long time. I would have studied it sooner if I started at the oldest philosophers first. I would try to understand the newer ones and they gave me a headache. If you start with the ancient philosophers first, you will have a good time. Youtube has a lot of short videos you can watch. One man made “8-bit philosophy” videos where he uses video games to explain some complicated philosophical ideas. I’d start with youtube and find videos that make sense to you.

  • Wait – there’s famous female philosophers! There’s… there’s… lol yeah. It’s generally a bit of a guy sport isn’t it?
  • Kenneth Udut Philosophy: an intellectual guy’s utilization of the Gossip-logical Loop. [except we gossip about what dead old men wrote about and what they REALLY MEANT when they said[…], instead of living women gossiping about other living women and what they REALLY MEANT when they said […]]


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