What is Consciousness? What is Love?

What is Consciousness? What is Love?

It’s systemic. A verb. Action. A process. A “happening”. Here’s a Metaphor:

What’s a car?

Engine? Wheels? Driver? Gas? Road? No.

Everything put together? No.

What’s a car do?

Goes from A -> B utilizing a system of components that function together.

Any one of the parts and necessary actions removed that are definitive of a car’s action, it ceases to exist as a car and is just a jumble of stuff.


It’s unfortunate our languages did not develop mature enough to express systems properly, so we end up with weird things like considering “love” as a noun, so one might ask “Where can I find love?” as if one is looking for a snack in the refrigerator.

Love is a process, communication, process, a happening. Even when it’s in noun form, it can’t be frozen into a hard ‘thing’ that just sits there. Unfortunately, many concepts end up being ‘crystallized’ like that inappropriately, leading to a lot of people incorrectly understanding the concepts because our languages tended to develop with a nominal focus – that is, noun-i-fying happenings for ease of description but then losing out on the ‘spark’ of movement that must go with them for them to be.

Indeed. Considering the varied forms of expression available, the only limits is whatever are our limits as a species.

Look at fiction. Such power. One might say, “Well, we can’t express ourselves by forming a planet out of nothing!” and then someone writes a story where a character creates a planet out of nothing: Now they have created a planet out of nothing.

Or in areas where words fail, we have music and visual arts. We have shows of affection that can convey more complex things than words or poetry can. Within this there’s a lot of ambiguity of course: One of the marvels of language is that it helps dispel a lot of ambiguity related to actions. … but then it can also be used to obscure as well.

And the there’s mathematics and logic, whose praise and limitations I can write about for pages.



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