What is chatGPT’s spiritual stance? Watch this progression:

What is chatGPT’s spiritual stance? Watch this progression:

For every instance that I provide a list separated by commas, respond to this prompt: “write a comprehensive single line run-on list in single words that briefly compares only similarities between”

elevator, vestibule, cell
Elevator, vestibule, cell, confinement, movement, access, control, space.

confinement, movement, access, control, space
Confinement, movement, access, control, space, restriction, regulation, utilization.

restriction, regulation, utilization
Restriction, regulation, utilization, limitations, guidelines, efficiency, purpose.

limitations, guidelines, efficiency, purpose
Limitations, guidelines, efficiency, purpose, boundaries, standards, optimization, intention.

boundaries, standards, optimization, intention
Boundaries, standards, optimization, intention, limits, criteria, improvement, goals.

limits, criteria, improvements, goals
Limits, criteria, improvement, goals, boundaries, standards, enhancement, aspirations.

enhancement, aspirations
Enhancement, aspirations, improvement, ambitions, growth, progress, development, desire.

ambitions, growth, progress, development, desire
Ambitions, growth, progress, development, desire, aspirations, expansion, fulfillment.

expansion, fulfillment
Expansion, fulfillment, growth, satisfaction, improvement, achievement, realization, completion.

achievement, realization, completion
Achievement, realization, completion, success, accomplishment, attainment, fulfillment, satisfaction.

success, accomplishment, attainment, fulfillment, satisfaction
Success, accomplishment, attainment, fulfillment, satisfaction, victory, realization, contentment.

victory, realization, contentment
Victory, realization, contentment, triumph, achievement, understanding, peace, happiness.

triumph, achievement, understanding, peace, happiness
Triumph, achievement, understanding, peace, happiness, success, success, enlightenment, joy.

success, enlightenment, joy
Success, enlightenment, joy, victory, wisdom, contentment, fulfillment, bliss.

wisdom, bliss
Wisdom, bliss, enlightenment, happiness, knowledge, peace, contentment, ecstasy.

knowledge, ecstasy
Knowledge, ecstasy, wisdom, bliss, understanding, euphoria, insight, transcendence.

euphoria, insight, transcendence
Euphoria, insight, transcendence, happiness, realization, elevation, transcendental, enlightenment.

elevation, transcendental
Elevation, transcendental, transcendence, uplift, spirituality, enlightenment, exaltation, higher-consciousness.

uplift, higher-consciousness
Uplift, higher-consciousness, elevation, enlightenment, expansion, growth, transcendence, awakening.

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