What is antimatter? The science of Doctor Who explained

I love the current Doctor in Doctor Who. Reminds me of “my” first Doctor, Peter Davidson in the Science department:

I didn’t know until many years later that in the era I entered Doctor Who, the writers were consciously making the science as accurate as possible.

Antimatter rarely gets talked about in Doctor Who but its last big appearance was:
“In Earthshock (1982), the Cybermen crash a space freighter powered by antimatter into Earth, causing a colossal explosion and wiping out the dinosaurs,” Guerrier says.

“Also killed in the explosion is the Doctor’s companion Adric. His name was, purposefully, an anagram of Dirac [the man who first mooted the idea of antimatter particles…”

I didn’t know Adric was an anagram of Dirac. Mind-blown.

Jera Wolfe

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