What I’m working on is not

What I’m working on is not just catching butterflies of the mind….


I set up a thought collecting station by my dresser. It is simply a pen, and a small stack of index cards.

Just a few minutes ago, I had a major brainstorm. I would have lost it completely, if I didn’t have a thought collecting station available. Within three minutes, I had filled up nine index cards each with completely separate ideas that are related to what I am working on but much different from each other.

And it was after that, but I realized it’s not just catching butterflies of the mind and putting them behind me in a place where they are safe and useful and alive, but it is about catching lightning bolts and putting them in bottles.

The ideas that are fleeting are the lightning bolts. And the index cards are the bottles. It doesn’t have to be index cards, it is whatever you have at hand. Right now, I am using my phone. If I didn’t have my phone, I would be catching this on a card or a piece of paper or a whiteboard or wherever I had a place Outside of my head to get it down so that I can retrieve it later without cluttering up my brain.


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