What if everyone just asked for what they needed?

The no’s would be hard to bear.
The “why the heck do you think you need THAT?” will be emotionally crushing.
and then you have the scammers and sociopaths who _almost_ help you but make you go through hoops to get there for their own twisted pleasure… the scammers not giving it to you in the end, and the sociopaths who might.
If you’re willing to put up with all that, the yes might be worth it but I wouldn’t expect a smooth ride unfortunately.. unless you find the right people to ask in the right way at the right time.

But yes, I would love a world like that. I find it in little places when I can.

That’s how I am too. I ask when I need something… and then I brace myself for all the realities I *don’t* want to get. Then, when I *do* get a clear path, I get overwhelmed with it… and still keep looking over my shoulder *just* in case. tongue emoticon

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