what have you been working up to your whole life?

what have you been working up to your whole life?

communication facilitation?


You’ll find a lot of repeating names with these articles. Donald Hoffman, Alessandro Fedrizzi, Bernardo Kastrup etc.

Whole bunch from here: https://www.scienceandnonduality.com/…/schrodingers-cat…

They all are part of a loose group of folks following the “it’s all in your mind” route.

It’s ok as an intellectual pursuit I suppose. But I think it’s mostly slow-science-news-day stuff to pull out now and again, particularly Donald Hoffman — although he has a new book saying that Evolution hid reality from us. Ah. Thanks evolution. Thanks a lot – not that I’d know you were actually doing anything ’cause hey, what’s to base any of it on right?


I mean sure, you can map it such that “it’s all our collective subjective experience” – and I think that can be useful. It’s useful to say “Hey, the universe could be holographic ’cause we can map everything down a dimension or so and because we can, that must be what’s really happening” as it also sells books and gets people thinking.

But does it all map effectively to reality? Eh. It has its uses.


Oh I know – and it still exists. But these are “cable era” phenomenon with dedicated channels for dedicated purposes, a thing that didn’t exist in the television era.

Prior to cable, you had network TV with a variety of programming with particular time slots for particular things.

ABC, CBS, NBC, along with a few others dominated.

Mind you, I think it’s much better now, particularly with online originals – and I’m impressed with a lot of the work that came out of DisneyXD and others a few years back, cartoons that were as subversive as any good cartoon should be, just under the radar. Amazing World of Gumball stands out for me in this but there were others as well.


I’ve been particularly impressed with the rise of cartoon fandoms over the last 15+ years or so.

A show will come out and a fanbase will emerge out of nothing that creates original fanfictions, original artwork, and carries on the shows long after they stop being broadcast.

This is nothing new per se in that there’s always been fans and fandom – but the sheer volume and easy ability for fellow fans of an animated show to find each other and feed off of each other has been an amazing thing to witness.



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