“What happens when someone raised on internet debates enters the real world?”

Remember that rally in Washington DC a few days ago? The one with the salutes and such?

Here’s the guy who did the speech and founded his group out of the bedroom of his mother’s house as a teenager. Watch Roland Martin, a seasoned interviewer who knows his facts, do a takedown and answers the question:

“What happens when someone raised on internet debates enters the real world?”

Enjoy the result. Apologies for giving Spencer’s viewpoints air time but the takedown, which really begins to get heated about 1/2 way through, is worth the watch.

Now, is it possible that _some_ small portion of what Spencer says has some validity? Perhaps, although it doesn’t seem so. The clear winner of this debate is Roland Martin.

But if you see areas where you believe Richard Spencer is on the right track, feel free to leave in the comments. I won’t judge you for it but I may challenge you.


I’m not being paid. I don’t believe you are being paid either. I could say many negative things about her. A typical game playing politician who lost the 2016 election. Her foreign policy was status quo US policy, which I never agreed with. She’s out of touch with the realities of middle America. She has become robotic thanks to years of trying to satisfy Republics, who give her a hard time from the very beginning. She should never have been an Alabama governor’s wife and use her last name. It was a political mistake and she paid for it. She started learning conformity so that her husband could continue in the Oval Office, and it worked. She has become a plastic version of herself sculpted by her enemies so they would accept her, which they never did. She was a Warhawk who was formed in political battles and really should’ve gotten some speech lessons. She should’ve come out of hiding more often and not ignored Wisconsin entirely. Stuck in her bubble, with the Yes people around her, she was out of touch.


And if I am a paid operative, please tell The people who are paying you to pay me because apparently “my people “have yet had to cut me a check for voicing my opinion. 

I don’t know why you keep insisting I’m being paid. Are you? I never thought for a second that ppl were paying you. Should I have?

I do not and never thought all Trump supporters were Nazi. I never thought that for a second about you. I’m talking about SPENCER who is a small part of the alt right, and the alt right is a small part of the ppl who voted for Trump, which are a part of the Republican Party. I’m sure there are equally horrible people who voted for Bernie Sanders or voted for Hillary Clinton or voted for Gary Johnson. I’ve been observing the alt rights rise over the past 18 months because I’m fascinated by subcultures. This is interesting regardless of any election.

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