What good is an empty network?

I’m concerned about lost data; much has already been lost to the future. I’m grateful to projects like the Wayback Machine, although I honestly hope MANY TREES are being eaten up by _somebody out there_ printing out *hard copies* of knowledge that will be lost given some kind of catastrophic EM situation.

The electrical systems and the computers themselves would be rebuilt in short order; I’m not worried about those things.

But it’s lost data. What good is an empty network?

Anyway, I’m trying to be more positive. The Internet can’t be the be-all / end-all, because newspaper wasn’t, radio wasn’t, TV wasn’t, phone networks weren’t, and logically, neither will be the Internet.

So… what? What will it be? What will supplant the ‘net?

[besides, ‘more Internet”. Assuming all devices and humans are connected by some brain implants… instant thought communication is available.. you know the lad-de-da dreamy interconnected doorknobs, virtually interactive display rooms, oh and one of my futurist inventions – display paint (paint that becomes a touch screen/display interface – it’s a logical step and theoretically possible)

So that’s all done.

What would be next beyond that?]

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