What elemental would I want? Neutrino but they never give neutrino as an option… so light.

Torn between electric and light, but I’d have to go with light.  I could move electrons with it, exciting them to higher shells, causing the ability to control electricity as well.

I could also use it to excite wood to make it burn, or change the perception of objects (including myself) to disappear.

I could also convert matter into energy through excitement of electrons to a fast enough speed (so far, light’s got the max-speed thing going right now..

Having control of light would also give me control of magnetism as well and of course colors and invisibility… but yeah, I guess I just wanna disappear sometimes :P

unless we got some neutrinos… I’d really like a neutrino sword.. then I could pass through matter entirely undetectably… but that’s rarely an option in elemental lists. PLUS, I wouldn’t be able to pick it up! damn.

But when playing random roleplay stuff with my nephew, when he’d ask, “What elemental do you want?” I usually end up choosing Ice, just for the challenge of it and being able to put out fire, turn into water… and buy myself some time by freezing enemies :P   hehe

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