What do I know? I know that I

1) I know that I don’t know.
2) I know that I am full of shit.
3) I know I believe many things.
4) I know that I like to be a know it all.
5) I prefer to unravel someone else’s ideas and expand upon them, making both myself appear smart and gain agreement from the other person as I prefer agreement, while also appearing humble when, in fact, I am just another Internet Know-it-all.
6) I use I a lot because I believe that I’m afforded the greatest opportunity to speak from this perspective, from my chair, behind this computer, than I am to speak for the collective wisdom of others who came before me.
7) I have others, but these are the starts. I have others that are, perhaps, less “I” oriented, but I thought it would be fair to get the “I” stuff over with quickly.

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