“What did you find out online about it?”

Love it.  I mean, we’re  #firstworld and have access to the same Internet.  They have no excuse, unless it’s a camping trip, no 4G or even 3G, etc.  THEN maybe it’s ok.  But who would go camping without service, or at least Wifi at the camp store?

“What did you find out online about it?”

I’ve asked that question.  And if they answer, “Oh, um, I didn’t look it up.” then I respond, “Try them first – I don’t want to give you the wrong answer, you know, but if you’re still having trouble, I’ll be [over there]”

Used it at home.  In office environments.  So yeah, it works.  I want to say, “Did you Google it, dumass?” but they feel stupidier the way I say it because I asssume they Google’d it first.  [even though I know they didn’t :P ]

Yeah – you gotta protect yourself from being someone’s walking Wikipedia… they play on your ego and pride for being smart and it keeps them from having to think.

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